My full name is Matthew Frye Castillo Caprioli, but that’s sorta long, so Matt Cap works.

I am a writer, editor, journalist, researcher, and teacher. Here’s my pretty LinkedIn page.

I wrote One Headlight: an Alaskan Memoir (Cirque Press). My bank account smiles when you buy it through Bookshop.

I teach creative and professional writing at Lehman College, City University of New York. I have introduced new courses such as “Writing Queer Literature” and “Writing for a Better World: Nonprofits, ESG, and Community Development,” perhaps the first ESG-driven communications course offered at a minority-serving university. (Course history).

I am also the Co-Director of the LGBTQI+ Consortium, the Co-Advisor to the LGBTQI Student Group, the Faculty Advisor to the student newspaper The Meridian, and the Interim Director of the Professional Communications and BECAP minors. (Faculty page).

I have written book reviews for Lambda Literary, The Red Hook-Star Revue, and The Paris Review Daily. I’m also not going to deny that I wrote over 300 summaries of literary and popular business books at SuperSummary.

My story about jockstraps and moving to NYC appeared in Worn in New York by New York Times writer Emily Spivack, and was adapted for Netflix’s Worn Stories, produced by Jenji Kohan and Morgan Neville

I have several art projects in the works that use graphic design, printmaking, and photography; think Francis Picabia meets Twitter.

In my free time, Iā€™m learning Spanish and French, playing the piano, enjoying my partner’s cooking, and exploring new places around the world šŸ™‚

3rd Person Bio

Matthew F.C. Caprioli is a queer writer living in Astoria, Queens. He is a tenure-track lecturer at Lehman College, City University of New York, and is the author of One Headlight: An Alaskan Memoir (Cirque Press). His essays, fiction, and poetry have appeared in OPOSSUM Literary, Newtown Literary, Best Gay Stories, Understory, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Worn in New York, which was featured in the Netflix adaptation Worn Stories. He is at work on a novel, an essay collection, and the first book-length study of the relationship between Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns (1953-1962). Follow him on Twitter and IG @mattcaprioli