My name is Matt Caprioli. 10390496_10152290972039145_6827413935305736167_n

Since high school in Alaska, I wrote A&E and business articles for Alaska Dispatch, The Anchorage Press, Chance Magazine, The Huffington Post, Opensource, Senior Voice, and Quip Magazine.

I interned with The Paris Review and worked in cargo shorts as a Content Marketer for a software company in Brooklyn.

My personal essays popped up in Best Gay Stories, Mr.
Beller’s Neighborhood
, and Cirque Literary Magazine.

I taught English Language Arts at Harlem Children’s Zone and a couple humanities courses at Hunter College.

I signed up for BA in English literature from University of Alaska, Anchorage (Seawolves, eh?) and my (very long) thesis was on the gay bildungsroman. I also published some poems, was Managing Editor of the student paper, and won an award for a political geography essay that came with a swell gift card to Amazon.

I got a second BA in psychology because why not. I like epigenetics, psychological testing, Andrew Meltzoff’s “Like Me” theory and everything by Paul Bloom. Carl Rogers and Vygotsky are my favorite psychologists and I think B.F. Skinner was a bad writer. I was a Research Assistant for The Institute for Social and Economic and The Alaska Justice Center, and completed a clinical internship.

I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College, where I was a Hertog Fellow and started a reading series.

I also walk doggies.


@mattcaprioli on Twitter

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