If a memoir is to achieve literature, it has to have an organizing principle, it has to have an idea, it has to have something that will be of value to the disinterested reader

On Primo Levi's masterful memoir, "Survival in Auschwitz," Murray Baumgarten gives this piercing quote, which in the context of neo-Nazis, is too relevant. "We participate with the narrator in the process of discovery. That is, we too discover that the holocaust is not simply an episode in past history but an ongoing experience demanding further…Read more

Game of Thrones at The Met

Anticipating the glory of Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday, I went to a Game of Thrones themed museum tour at The Met yesterday. It's hosted through Museum Hack for the next couple of weeks. You can check out the description of this tour and others (e.g. 'Badass Bitches' and 'Un-Highlights') here. Overall I loved this high-octane 90…Read more Game of Thrones at The Met