Best cafes/museums to write at in NYC

For my Columbia Publishing Course peeps, here's a list in progress: JAVA The Chipped Cup (Hamilton Heights/ Harlem) šŸ™‚ friendly environment get there early enough and you'll find a seat amazing coffee šŸ˜¦ can get crowded near 148th/broadway--not an unsafe era (I lived there for a year) but needs some aesthetic tlc; you may want…Read more Best cafes/museums to write at in NYC

Journal vs. Diary vs. Notebook

Not necessarily for the better, but the form of a journal nudges your thinking into becoming more linear, in-depth, focused, and comprehensible for a reader with a quick eye and probable impatience. It encourages that word that most writers hate yet desperately needā€”discipline.

What’s the difference between personal narrative and memoir?

Personal narrative vs memoir This goes out to my writing students who scratch their head over my presumptuous ass throwing ā€œpersonal narrativeā€ and ā€œmemoirā€ around like they should automatically know the differences. In my understanding, personal narrative is using your lifeā€™s story to illume some larger issue: mental health, intersectional, feminism, racism, nature, border walls.…Read more What’s the difference between personal narrative and memoir?

Male figure skating has forever changed

Last night, I finally saw the world of male figure skating shift. Last night I finally saw a space where itā€™s okay to be gay. Better yet, itā€™s cool to be straight too and to show emotion. I saw male figure skaters exhibit gestures they couldnā€™t have done 20 years ago. I heard commentators support rather than eviscerate the competitors. I finally sensed an arena where U.S. boys and men could express themselvesā€”the serious, the stalwart, the silly, the queerā€”all were welcome.