The Cosmopolitans by Sarah Schulman

I ordered The Cosmopolitans after hearing Sarah Schulman at an AWP panel with the gloriously strong and trenchant Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. I was proud of myself for finally getting around to the work that launched Schulman's career as a novelist and public intellectual in 1990. But about 100 pages into The Cosmopolitans, the sort of insight and anxiety around race, marketing,…Read more The Cosmopolitans by Sarah Schulman

Best cafes/museums to write at in NYC

For my Columbia Publishing Course peeps, here's a list in progress: JAVA The Chipped Cup (Hamilton Heights/ Harlem) 🙂 friendly environment get there early enough and you'll find a seat amazing coffee 😦 can get crowded near 148th/broadway--not an unsafe era (I lived there for a year) but needs some aesthetic tlc; you may want…Read more Best cafes/museums to write at in NYC

Journal vs. Diary vs. Notebook

Not necessarily for the better, but the form of a journal nudges your thinking into becoming more linear, in-depth, focused, and comprehensible for a reader with a quick eye and probable impatience. It encourages that word that most writers hate yet desperately need—discipline.

What’s the difference between personal narrative and memoir?

Personal narrative vs memoir This goes out to my writing students who scratch their head over my presumptuous ass throwing “personal narrative” and “memoir” around like they should automatically know the differences. In my understanding, personal narrative is using your life’s story to illume some larger issue: mental health, intersectional, feminism, racism, nature, border walls.…Read more What’s the difference between personal narrative and memoir?