Matt Caprioli’s One Headlight is a beautifully written coming-of-age story, a tribute to a gorgeously flawed and surprisingly resilient family. In these pages, Caprioli captures all the grace and grit of the “real” Alaska, where poverty, homophobia, and evangelical small-town life exist side-by-side with a lifesaving public school system, a culture of LGBTQ pride, and coffee kiosks that accept IOUs. Caprioli examines love from every desperate angle…. This memoir is like no other book I have read. It will entertain you as it crushes you.

Martha Amore, author of In the Quiet Season & Weathered Edge

Quirky humor, bright language, and sharp emotional insight.

Joe Okonkwo, author of the Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction Jazz Moon and Kiss the Scars on the Back of My Neck

“Caprioli’s prose is frank and insightful, finding the lyricism in everyday objects, turns of phrase, and locales…. His portrait of Abby is the soul of the book, and she’s revealed as a larger-than-life character who exhibits real problems, and who causes problems for the author, as well. However, she never loses the reader’s sympathy, thanks to his nuanced, nonjudgmental portrayal. The result is a moving rumination on the varying roles that a mother can play in a son’s life, for better and for worse. An affecting and surprising remembrance about the responsibilities of parents and children.”

           — Kirkus Reviews

 [One Headlight] is more than another coming-of-age story. It is a love letter to his mother, Abby, a lively woman, who navigates the world with humor and humility, doing her best with the hand she is dealt, both for herself and for the son she so clearly adores.

Lucian Childs, Editor of the Lambda Literary Nominee Building Fires in the Snow



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