MARINA on becoming human through “Fear + Love”

Her powerhouse anthem from the album is “To Be Human.” The song becomes the cornerstone of not only the album but MARINA’s career, which has grown from selfish impulses (are you satisfied?) to more universal knowledge (how to thrive within the uncertainty of being human). Along with being the most layered track, “To Be Human” is informed by politics without a stifling dogmatism. “All our cracks as a society were beginning to show,” Diamandis said of her impetus to write the song, “I’ve just wanted to create this feeling of bringing people together.”

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Game of Thrones at The Met

Anticipating the glory of Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday, I went to a Game of Thrones themed museum tour at The Met yesterday. It’s hosted through Museum Hack for the next couple of weeks. You can check out the description of this tour and others (e.g. ‘Badass Bitches’ and ‘Un-Highlights’) here. Overall I loved this high-octane 90 […]

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