On CYRRCA’s eponymous debut album

Originally published in Quip Magazine Type in “CYRRCA musician” into Google and you won’t find much by way of a biography.  From the thirteen-tracks in this eponymous debut, which drops February 26, 2021, one can assume that CYRRCA is Russian and goes by he. There’s deliberate privacy curated around the artist CYRRCA, which seems in line with […]

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MARINA on becoming human through “Fear + Love”

Her powerhouse anthem from the album is “To Be Human.” The song becomes the cornerstone of not only the album but MARINA’s career, which has grown from selfish impulses (are you satisfied?) to more universal knowledge (how to thrive within the uncertainty of being human). Along with being the most layered track, “To Be Human” is informed by politics without a stifling dogmatism. “All our cracks as a society were beginning to show,” Diamandis said of her impetus to write the song, “I’ve just wanted to create this feeling of bringing people together.”

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