Sophie Taeuber-Arp at MoMA

materialistically, that is, in the sense of increasing their value as possessions; rather, it stems from the instinct for perfection and the creative act.”

“A fine work of art — music, dance, painting, story — has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.”

“I prefer to be hope rather than talk about hope”

“Most people, after all, do not act to create change, no matter what”

“A writer secure in his talent knows there’s no limit to what he can create, and so he trashes everything less than his best on a quest for a gem-quality story.”

Okay — I loved “The Chair”

True or false, what is said about men often figures as large in their lives, and above all in the fate that befalls them, as what they do. — Les Misérables, translation by Christine Donougher “The Chair” balances legitimate pessimism with practical hope. In an academic culture where your identities may suggest that you’re always […]

“Most people, after all, do not act to create change, no matter what”

Other Writing 🙂

Books & Anthologies

One Headlight: an Alaskan Memoir by Matt Caprioli — Cirque Press, 2021

Chicken Soup for the Soul: the Magic of Moms edited by Amy Newmark — Simon & Schuster, 2020

Worn in New York as told by Emily Spivack (Abrams, 2017)

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone edited by Amy Newmark — Simon & Schuster, 2017

Best Gay Stories edited by Joe Okownkwo— Lethe Press, 2017

Essays & Columns

The Bradbury: Reading and Writing Whatever for Brevity, August 2021

Music for Desks: on Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg for Epiphany: a Literary Journal, April 2021

On continually learning from Audre Lorde for Transformative Learning in the Humanities, Feb 2021

Why UAA needs its MFA program in Anchorage Daily News, June 2020

This Town Sleeps is an Emotional Wrought Tale of Community and Redemption for Lambda Literary, April 2020

All that Beauty: on Sia & Survival for OPOSSUM: a Literary Marsupial, Fall 2017

Escort Surgery for Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, June 2016

Signs of the Times: on Moose Killings & Alaska for The Anchorage Press, May 2016

On ‘The American Isherwood‘ for The Paris Review Daily, March 2015


Anything Goes at Mama D’s for Bushwick Daily, November 2019

MARINA on becoming human with “Fear + Love” for Quip Magazine, September 2019

The Persistence of Morgan O’Hara for The Red Hook Star-Revue, March 2019

Retro Library Open to Red Hook Residents for The Red Hook Star-Revue, June 2018

“White Man on a Pedestal” at Pioneer Works for The Red Hook Star-Revue, December 2017

Pearl D’Amour: on Mimi Lein, Lisa D’Amour, and Katie Pearl for Change Magazine, Fall 2016

BodyVox breathes theatricality into modern dance for Anchorage Daily News, March 2015

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival in review for Quip Magazine, Nov 2014

Heineken’s Fight to Remain a Global Sustainability Leader for HuffPost, June 2014

To Die For: Die Fledermaus & ‘The Polar Bat’ for The Anchorage Press, April 2014

Legalizing Love: The struggle for gay rights in Alaska continues for The Anchorage Press, May 2014

An interview with José González for Quip Magazine, June 2013

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